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Deep Tissue

Deep tissue massage usually involves slow movements and concentrated pressure on muscle, intended to relieve a client of chronic tension and knots. A session can be moderately uncomfortable, and several sessions may be necessary to alleviate chronic tension.



Swedish massage, considered the most common form of massage, uses variant pressure to promote relaxation, relieve muscle aches, and improves circulation. The practitioner may use gliding strokes, tapping, kneading, and friction. 

Sports Massage

Any person who engages in a regular exercise or sports routine can benefit from sports massage. An individual may be seeking to enhance performance before an event, or help to reduce delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) after an event. Also, increasing flexibility and or decreasing the likelihood of injury are linked to the sports massage modality. Common issues include Tennis elbow, hamstring discomfort, or pain while running. 

Myoskeletal Therapy

Relieves chronic pain contributing to weak posture. Releases trapped nerves from tight muscles, joints and ligaments. Corrects atrophy, weakness and muscle amnesia in head-forward postures.  Lessens pain sensitivity through graded exposure assisted stretching. Eliminates protective muscle guarding due to joint dysfunction. Creates dynamic, confident posture with innovative restorative techniques. Corrects sports-related tendon and joint injuries. Enhances athletic performance through hands-on proprioceptive training. Changes the brain’s mind about pain through targeted exercise advice. Prevents chronic neck and back pain due to tension, trauma & weak posture.

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Prenatal Massage

Similar to Swedish massage, prenatal massage can be for clients in any stage of pregnancy. This modality has been documented to improve hormone regulation, reduce swelling by increasing circulation, relieve lower back/sciatic pain, improve sleep, prepare the body for labor and birth, and relieve pain naturally. A fitted body cushion will be used as demonstrated in the photo.

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