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Northwestern Plaza 

2311 West Cone Blvd. 

Suite 134 

Greensboro NC, 27408

Please note: When entering the address into your GPS, sometimes it will render East Cone Blvd. when it needs to read West Cone Blvd. 

1.) Once at Northwestern Plaza, park in view of the US and NC flagpoles.















2.) Descend the front stairs between the flag poles or take the elevator down if the stairs are slippery. [Note: there is a ramp to the right of the stairs for those who are handicap.]


















3.) Follow the path to the right. You’ll notice my large green sign displayed on your left that points to the first turquoise door on the right with the list of suite numbers. Enter through this door.
















4.) Follow the hallway down until the 3rd door on the left




Entrance to Northwestern Plaza.
Stairs leading to the first level.
Door to enter hallway.



Please arrive at the studio door at least 5-10 mins early. We will conduct an intake process prior to the session. Not allowing sufficient time for a thorough intake will affect your ability to receive all the time allotted to you. Though the session may begin early, it will not exceed the time interval (ex: 2pm-3pm, 7:30pm-8:30pm).


If the door is closed, with the "Please Do Not Disturb" sign on the handle, I am in process of preparing for you. You may use the waiting area outside the studio, which is next hallway on the right.
















Please call or text if you have any difficulty.

All the best,


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